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HypnoBirthing® at inBalance

Simply put birth is normal, natural and healthy!

HypnoBirthing® relies on a woman’s natural birthing instincts to birth her baby in safety and with ease.HBSeal

HypnoBirthing® is a philosophy of birth as well as a Birthing Technique, based on the belief that severe discomfort does not need to be part of the birthing process when a mother is properly prepared and able to trust in her birthing body.

HypnoBirthing® helps to prepare parents for a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free, easier, more comfortable and enjoyable method of birthing. It is our belief that all babies should enter the world in an atmosphere of gentility, calm and joy.

This program helps to prepare and empower the expectant couple to welcome their babies into the world in a “Celebration of Life” and achieve the births that they want.

HypnoBirthing is a program which encompasses developing trust in your inner wisdom and your birthing body through education, breathing, relaxation, visualization, practice and other techniques taught in class.


1. Helps moms release any unwarranted fears surrounding labor and birth.

2. Dispels myths and mysteries about birthing.

3. Teaches strategies to create a natural and comfortable birth experience.

Program Highlights:

– taught by a RN Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner
– includes a book, and two CD’s
– individuals may be able to be reimbursed by their insurance

We also offer
American Heart Association
Infant and Toddler
CPR and Home Safety courses.


Call us to find out more information about these programs.