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Dr. Steven Sawyer-Getting Patients Results for Over 40 Years

Dr Sawyer with dog on top of the mountainNow in his 41st year of practice, Dr. Steven Sawyer still gets excited about the incredible benefits of chiropractic and how it has helped so many patients over the years. This powerful form of natural care stimulates proper brain reflex patterns and resets the way your body thinks about pain.

What Dr. Steve finds particularly amazing about chiropractic are the positive unexpected “side effects.” For example, he’s had parents bring in their teenager with middle back pain. After Dr. Steve has worked on the teen’s middle back pain, the parents also find that their child uses their inhaler a lot less for asthma. And the parents didn’t bring their child in for asthma.

Helping Patients Who Have ‘Been Everywhere’

Dr Sawyer head in a tree holeDr. Steve also sees many patients who’ve “been everywhere” for issues such as migraines. They’ve had all kinds of tests done for migraine headaches, yet nobody can seem to help them. And then they end up seeing the chiropractor, and they make much more progress than ever.

Another patient is a woman in her early 40s who had never been to a chiropractor. She had lower back pain because of a fall. After Dr. Steve worked on her twice, the patient is about 85% improved. She’s just astonished about how much better she can sleep and move. For Dr. Steve, it’s the little victories—which are huge triumphs for patients—that are exciting.

Dr. Steve loves helping patients across the spectrum without using medication or surgery. He estimates that only about 5% of the patients seen at the practice actually need surgeries.

Experiencing the Effects of Chiropractic

Dr. Steve’s motto is “nothing starts” as he takes a preventative approach to keeping himself well. So when something tries to start, whether it be back, hip or sacral pain, he aims to get rid of it right away. Dr. Steve credits chiropractic care with allowing him to feel good all the time.

Many of his patients will say, “Do you get work done?” His reply: “I get work done more than you do.” Then they’ll follow up with, “Well, what’s wrong with you?” Dr. Steve replies there’s nothing wrong with him, because he gets worked on so much.

Receiving regular chiropractic care has also allowed Dr. Steve to work since 1982 without pain.

More Than Pain Relief

While many people naturally equate chiropractic care with pain relief (and it does a great job of that), it does much more, particularly in improving function.

There’s been outstanding research about how chiropractic helps with joint function, joint mobility, proprioception, and balance.

As you get older, you appreciate functioning well. While pain brings you in, function allows you to garden, hike, knit, or do whatever hobbies you enjoy,” said Dr. Steve.

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