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inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness Reviews

What Our Shrewsbury Patients Say

At inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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The doctor is great, and only after my second visit with him…”

“After losing feeling in my right leg in 2005 from a car accident, then another diagnosis of MS. Having balance problems I looked for a Chiropractor and found inBalance. The doctor is great, and only after my second visit with him regained feeling in my leg, and balance regained, no more pain anywhere. I also use the NAYSA Intensive Healing Pain Rub with EMU oil (Hemp oil). Works wonders, fast relief, and for a long time.”

– Lisa T.

“He was a man with healing hands and a kind and giving heart…”

“I have been going to Dr. George Debs since he started in the 80’s. He had just started out and the minute I had him adjust me I knew, he was a man with healing hands and a kind and giving heart. Over the years he has been my go to Dr. for everything. His work ethics, his ability to help with pain, his knowledge about nutrition, his patience for listening is something you do not find in the medical profession. Over the years I have encouraged many people to see him and they have with great gratitude for finding someone that could help them. Many people are afraid of going outside the medical profession for fear that their Dr. will not approve. Most doctors will prescribe pain killers which are very addictive but that is not getting to the root of the problem. My answer to all that tell me this is, if you have never tried chiropractic care then you don’t know. Living on pain killers and drugs is not the answer, unnecessary surgeries are not the answer. I have had 37 years with Dr. Debs and he has helped me tremendously over the years. What a great office and staff and now with his daughter Dr. Jackie in the practice , must I say, she does not fall far from the might oak. Her lifetime of experience from her dad, her strength and knowledge is exceptional. I encourage all to visit this office, they welcome all ages, from the youngest to the aging.”

– Deb V.

“Two adjustments later, I was free of back pain!”

“Having lived with chronic back pain my whole life, I just expected that weekly or twice weekly massages were going to be required to be able to function.  I met Dr. Jackie at a natural health expo and she suggested that I might benefit from an adjustment.  Two adjustments later, I was free of back pain! Now I only get massages once a month for fun, and I use the extra cash I’m saving for a hundred other things.”

– Nicole C

“Dr. Jackie helped me feel great”

“I am 33 weeks pregnant and Dr. Jackie helped me feel great.  She adjusted my back and hips which were really bothering me.  I would recommend Dr. Jackie to all pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy.”

– Megan B.

Dr. Jackie is fantastic with pregnant patients and children.  She is certified and continues to advance her knowledge by attending seminars about chiropractic pregnancy and chiropractic pediatrics.

“I don’t want to risk it”

“I probably don’t need to see him anymore, but after thirty years with a bad back,  I don’t want to risk it.”

-Peter T.

Many of our patients choose to continue receiving chiropractic care to maintain the corrections we have made over the course of a treatment plan. These maintenance visits are not always necessary, but ensure good health and an optimal living experience.

“Everyone who cares about feeling better needs to experience this.”

“The first time I received a massage from Kathy at inBalance, and followed it with Dr. Deb’s care, I felt wonderful.  A lightness.  Everyone who cares about feeling better needs to experience this.”

-Sally H.

“Dr. George Debs is a modern day miracle worker”

inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness offers comprehensive, holistic care with chiropractic, massage, and nutrition consulting among other services. Dr. George Debs is a modern day miracle worker with his knowledge of chiropractic and applied kinesthetics. He can quickly determine where your trouble areas are and fix them on the spot, from a misaligned vertebrae to a sinus infection or digestive issues…he can fix almost anything!

His office hours are super flexible and fit anyone’s schedule. I make sure to fit Dr. Debs into my schedule at least once a month for a “tune up” to feel aligned and great! If you’re looking for more than just the average chiropractor, this is the place for you!

– Ashley S.

“He really takes his time with each patient.”

“Dr. Debs is the best chiropractor I’ve been to. He really takes his time with each patient. My neck has been feeling so much better thanks to his adjustments. I don’t walk away feeling like things won’t improve either. I’d recommend him to anyone!”

– Beth L.

“I recommend them to everyone.”

I love these doctors. I always feel great leaving their office. They do a thorough exam every time I go in. Dr. Debs does allergy testing which doesn’t require blood testing or a scratch test. They also have amazing supplements. I have tried others and I’ve never noticed a difference right away. I recommend them to everyone.

– Alexis B.

“If he can’t help you no one can!”

We really can’t put into words how grateful we are for Dr. Debs help over the years. Backaches, knee pain, headaches, rib pain, allergies and even our healthier eating habits. What we are trying to say is he is one of the best! If he can’t help you no one can!

– Bill & Deb B.


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