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Chiropractic Care

Our years of extensive training from chiropractic care and intensive postgraduate training give us the expertise to determine which chiropractic techniques will be most effective for you. The techniques used at inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness are versatile and are suitable for many ages and conditions.

Our chiropractic techniques are complemented by a suite of beneficial services to help you heal and enjoy optimal health. Our offerings include:

Chiropractic Techniques

Worchester chiropractor

We also recommend specialized exercises for your areas of need that can be found here.

Applied Kinesiology

This comprehensive approach looks at the chemical, structural and emotional components of health. Different forms of stress can lead to biochemical, physiological and structural changes in your body.

The use of this technique will cover all facets of stress in your body and look at checking bloodwork or organs that need improved function.

Used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustment, your health may improve greatly.

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