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What to Expect

Our team is here to support your journey.

We want to make a difference in your life. Together with Dr. George Debs, Dr. Jaclyn Debs, Dr. Ryan Chin, and Dr. David St. Jean are here to give you a great healing experience and keep your best interest in mind at all times.

Getting Started

Your first visit will take less than an hour. Before you arrive, we ask you to fill out health intake forms to give us an idea of your needs. You will then come into our office and see one of our chiropractors for a thorough examination. This includes:

  • Posture check
  • Neurological and orthopedic testing
  • Muscle strength and imbalance testing
  • Joint health examination

After this thorough visit, you will be scheduled to return for a second appointment.


The Second Visit

Your next visit involves a full report of the findings from your first examination. Our doctors will make sure you have a complete understanding of your condition and the treatment plan recommended for you. We will discuss how best to reach your health goals. Your progress and re-evaluation will be checked at each visit.

Routine Visits

At your regular comprehensive visits, we will check for imbalances and systematically correct them. We will discuss what you can do at home to help correct your problems. If nutrition is included in your visits with us, we will begin evaluating your organ systems and set up any other necessary testing, such as blood work.

These visits will take 10-20 minutes.

Continuing Regular Care

Many of our patients see such positive results that they continue receiving chiropractic care to maintain the corrections we have made over the course of a treatment plan. These maintenance visits are not always necessary and are your choice. We decide together what the best plan for you is going forward.


Request an Appointment

Want to learn more about the benefits chiropractic care can give your life? We are ready to answer your questions. Call today!