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Get to Know Adult & Pediatric Chiropractor Dr. Ryan

Dr Ryan on flag suit with dogFor Dr. Ryan, getting on the chiropractic path started with a single presentation about this form of natural health care. While pursuing his Bachelor’s in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training at Canisius College, somebody came into one of his classes to do a presentation on chiropractic.

I was interested in what the presenter talked about and figured interning at a chiropractic office would be a good way to use my internship hours.”

Dr. Ryan interned with a group of four different chiropractors from four different schools. At that practice, patients were from just about every population, from newborns to 90-year-olds, workers’ comp and PI patients, athletes, those with disabilities, people with nutritional needs, 9-to-5 workers, construction laborers—everybody!

‘How Do I Get That Superpower?’

dr-ryan-batman-shirt-posing-beside-red-soxOne night when Dr. Ryan was at the practice, the office got a call from a dad whose little girl was sick. He brought her in to get checked. The girl’s face was very pale, and she was severely ill. After the clinic director adjusted her, the girl improved dramatically. Color returned to her face, and she was smiling and skipping around the office while her dad got adjusted.

“At that point in my internship, I had seen hundreds of people get adjusted, but I had never seen that type of reaction. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘What’s going on here? What happened that I didn’t see?'”

He asked the doctor what she did, and she replied, “What do you mean? I adjusted her!”
After Dr. Ryan further pondered what he saw, he thought, “That’s a really cool superpower. How do I get it?”

The next day he started applying to different chiropractic colleges that the doctors went to but decided on Life University in Georgia. In addition to his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life, he’s also certified in Kinesiology Taping and Instrumented-Assisted Muscle Therapy.

Finding His Purpose

When Dr. Ryan got to Life University, he learned two important things: how to give a proper hug and the meaning of lasting purpose. “It wasn’t until I started going through a little bit more of the programming that I realized, ‘this was my reason,’ and if I had done anything else, I would probably not have been happy.”

Joining the inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness Team

Dr. Ryan has been in practice since 2014. After having his own practice in Shrewsbury for a period, he joined a very high-volume family wellness office in Westborough for about four and a half years. Next, he worked in an office in Webster for about 18 months.

Once he saw that there was an opportunity here, Dr. Ryan pursued it due to the practice’s excellent reputation over the years. In fact, when he closed his office in Shrewsbury, he referred all his existing patients to continue their care at inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness.

After meeting with Dr. Debs, Dr. Jaclyn, and other team members, Dr. Ryan knew it was the perfect place to work as it meshes very well with his philosophy of patient care.

His Patient Care Philosophy

“My philosophy is that the human body is a self-regulating healing machine. We often put too much stress on our bodies, doing things they weren’t designed for in today’s society. Sometimes we ignore aches and pains, hoping they’ll go away on their own. But even if they do, they can return worse if left untreated.”

Dr. Ryan has seen many unexplained conditions in patients that could have been addressed through chiropractic care. He feels it’s unfortunate that many people aren’t educated about chiropractic as a less invasive alternative to medication with unknown side effects. “It’s worth giving chiropractic a try as it not only treats the symptoms but also explores the root cause of chronic illnesses that often go unaddressed.”

Life Outside the Practice

When he’s not working, Dr. Ryan enjoys spending time with his dog Shelby; they even share the same birthday! He also likes movies, music, and sports-especially the New England sports teams—and loves rugby. Dr. Ryan has played rugby as well as football and baseball. He also competed in U.S. National Strongman Competitions and took top rank in 2004 as a teen at Nationals in Kansas City, MO. Exploring his musical side, he has a ukulele but doesn’t play it as much as he needs to!

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