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Get to Know Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Chin

“I feel like chiropractic is a unique thread into the network of health care that we have. There’s something inherent to working with a system that already exists within you, rather than trying to put something from the outside world in. I think the unique aspect of using your own body’s natural abilities to improve itself is amazing. And I love to share that with people,” said Dr. Ryan.

Discovering the Power of Chiropractic

dr-ryanDr. Ryan’s passion for helping musculoskeletal issues comes from his experience receiving chiropractic care following a mountain climbing accident.

After sustaining a broken ankle and undergoing surgery and physical therapy, he turned to chiropractic care for additional support.

“Along the way, I received incremental and increasingly beneficial help, which I thought was a fun journey,” said Dr. Ryan. For him, ending up in the chiropractor’s office and receiving the treatment that he did made him almost instantly recognize something quite profound. “This is something that I want to pay forward and make sure that I can gift to other humans on Earth, because it helped me so much,” said Dr. Ryan.

After earning his bachelor’s, Dr. Ryan knew he wanted to go into health care, but wasn’t sure of the route to take. But the accident combined with his subsequent recovery prompted him to enroll in chiropractic school. He decided on Life Chiropractic College West in California, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic.

Helping a Former Patient, Now Team Member

dr-ryan-with-horseOne of Dr. Ryan’s patients, who now works at the front desk of our practice, had a completely numb left leg for a long time. Even regular stimuli, such as the force of water during a shower, would cause pain. A few weeks after she received chiropractic care, the patient got some feeling back in her legs. She was also on a nutritional program, which, in Dr. Ryan’s opinion, enabled her nervous system to recover fully, rather than her having some short-term relief. “We actually healed the damaged tissue, and she improved,” he said.

Dr. Ryan believes that meeting patients where they are and taking a personalized approach to their dietary needs and habits are crucial to any successful treatment plan.

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4 Join the Conversation

  1. Christine Kowalcky says
    May 25, 2023 at 2:55 PM

    Love Dr. Ryan. I had daily headaches a month after suffering a concussion. They just lingered and nothing helped. After my first (of a few) session with Dr. Ryan the headaches disappeared. He's personable and very skilled!

    • says
      May 25, 2023 at 10:40 AM

      Thank you so much! We are so happy to hear your experience. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Judy Lawrence says
    Jun 01, 2023 at 2:23 AM

    I started seeing Dr Ryan last summer for lower back pain. His treatment has given me mobility again and much less pain. This spring Dr Ryan has been treating me for severe neck and shoulder pain. After 6 wks of treatment, I'm thrilled to say my neck pain has greatly decreased. Dr Ryan has been instrumental in helping me get back to a more comfortable way of life. He is professional and compassionate in his delivery of care. I'm so fortunate to have found him!! Thank you Dr Ryan!!!

    • says
      Jun 13, 2023 at 12:37 PM

      Thank you so much for your comment!!

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