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Getting Into the Rhythm of Recovering & Achieving Her Athletic Best

Finding Relief From Persistent Pain

gymnast-ryanDespite her strength and resilience, Kaitlyn was struggling with right knee pain, a problem caused by performing a move known as the Penché. This move demands hyperextension of the knee, causing discomfort and hindrance. Seconds after her first adjustment at the practice, Dr. Ryan said, “Now do a Penché.” She was able to with ease. “The smile on this little girl’s face could have supplied power to Las Vegas,” added Dr. Ryan.

Some Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care doesn’t merely address pain, it enhances overall health. After the initial chiropractic session, Kaitlyn’s mother noted improvements in her persistent cough and snoring. Kaitlyn breathed better two days post-adjustment, and her cough notably reduced. She could also successfully perform two full rotations. The entire gym even stopped to witness her perform this complicated move.

Help for Young Athletes of All Levels

If you’re a young athlete struggling to reach your full potential, don’t discount the power of chiropractic care. Just as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Tiger Woods attribute much of their success to chiropractic, athletes of all ages and levels, including recreational athletes, can benefit from this powerful form of natural care.

“I think all kids deserve the potential chiropractic can help them achieve with sports and athletics,” said Dr. Ryan, who cares for many young athletes, including a high school discus thrower who came in with mid-back and upper back pain. After several chiropractic sessions, the player was out of pain and went on to set a school record.

Whether your child is an elite athlete or enjoys sports casually, we want to help them achieve their very best. Contact inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness today to book an appointment with Dr. Ryan!


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