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Patient Success Story: Overcoming Low Back Pain and Sciatica

woman swinging on golfOne of Dr. Ryan‘s patients visited inBalance Chiropractic and Wellness complaining of low back pain, radiating pain, tingling, and numbness down her leg. The intensity of her symptoms progressively worsened over time, hindering her ability to enjoy golf and perform her duties at work.

After conducting a thorough examination and reviewing her X-rays, our team identified subluxations or misalignments in her spine that were pinching her nerves and causing her discomfort. We presented her with a comprehensive care plan that involved corrective adjustments three times a week for several months, followed by a reduced frequency of two times a week.

Making Steady Progress and Improvements

Within a few weeks of beginning treatment, the patient experienced a remarkable improvement in her leg symptoms. As time passed, her lower back pain became less frequent and less intense. She regained her ability to stand for longer periods, enabling her to resume her work without sitting down frequently.

However, her greatest achievement came when she could return to the golf course and complete a full round of 18 holes without experiencing any pain. It should be noted that while she achieved a hole-in-one during her second round, such extraordinary results are not typical and depend on individual skills! Nevertheless, this achievement exemplifies how her athletic performance and overall quality of life have significantly improved.

The Impact of Alignment on Golf Performance

When it comes to the game of golf, proper alignment is vital. Any misalignment in the body can limit the range of motion, strength, concentration, and focus, making it more challenging to achieve optimal performance. Golf is a sport that rewards practice, and the patient’s success story highlights how her consistent chiropractic care played a vital role in her game.

Nip Misalignments in the Bud

It’s important to note that delaying treatment and hoping for improvement often prolongs the recovery process and may require more extensive interventions down the line. That’s why we emphasize the importance of getting a spinal checkup early.

Doing so can provide pain relief and help you have greater mobility and function and enjoy a higher quality of life!

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