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TMJ Pain

Do you experience jaw pain throughout the day or while you are chewing? Does your jaw click or pop when you open and close your mouth?

You Have TMJ Pain Treatment Options

Shrewsbury TMJ pain, Worcester, Westborough

Gain freedom from TMJ pain!

  • TMJ Signs or Symptoms: Clicking, decreased mouth opening, headaches, tinnitus, ear ringing, dizziness, vertigo
  • Description:  Imbalances in the motion of the jawbone can have far reaching symptomatic effects. These run the gamut from severe headaches to changes in the posture.
  • Causes:  Malocclusion, muscle imbalances, faulty posture.
  • Standard Treatment:  Muscle relaxants, dental splints, physical therapy to reduce muscle tension.


A Better Approach: Applied Kinesiology

Your TMJ pain examination begins with the premise that the head must be level with the ground for the jaw to open properly. Findings that cause head imbalance are found and corrected. The muscles of the jaw are then evaluated for tension and coordinated action. Treatments aimed at equalizing the tension and normalizing the opening and closing of the jaws are then performed. A coordinated treatment program between a qualified chiropractor and dental team may be needed. Other lifestyle modifications are used to prevent or minimize exacerbating the condition. A specific program for your needs is created. Are you are experiencing any of these symptoms? Call us today at (508) 425-3304 for a complimentary examination for TMJ Pain in Shrewsbury. Request an Appointment